Some love from our happy small business quality consulting clients!


“We needed ISO9001 certification to continue to meet our government tender requirements.  We chose LogiQA to help us and Mary guided us through the process.  We were awarded ISO9001 certification on our first attempt with no non-conformances.  Her down to earth approach and understanding of small business made the process simple and stress-free.   If you need help with ISO9001 then talk to Mary.”

Linda Hinsch, Director, Australian Tree Services 


“I had been through a certification process before in a former role and knew the advantages of the ISO9001 Quality Management Systems framework however some key members of my leadership team were skeptical and apprehensive. The process was made simple and meaningful and we were expertly guided from no system to successful ISO9001 certification in a matter of a few months”.

Senior Director, Government Health Project Management and Policy Development


Reliance Medical“Starting up an ISO9001 Quality Management System from scratch in a start-up company with limited resources and going through the three first audits without a single non-conformity is almost unheard of. This gives witness to the amazing work done by LogiQA.”

Director of Business Development, Reliance Medical


Tammy Pluck“When you get stuck on your journey it’s sometimes necessary to consult the people who can see the forest for the trees.  Mary is such a person.  She has a wealth of business start-up knowledge and has helped me with my business plan so I can finally get stuff done”.  

Tammy Pluck, Founder, My Infinite Balance


“Our processes involved the transfer of data from one system to another and generating reports from complex datasets. We were performing much of this process manually which was labour intensive and prone to human error. We enlisted Tim’s help to implement an automated process. This helped to improve efficiency, freed up staff to perform other duties and thanks to the validation work performed we had confidence in the accuracy of all calculations and transfers.”

Laboratory Manager, Government Bioscience Laboratory


imd“Mary began helping us with our internal audits in January 2014.  Her knowledge of ISO13485, skills as an auditor and suggestions for improvement have proven very valuable.  We are looking forward to continuing our association with LogiQA”.

Clinton Lawrence, Managing Director, iMDsoft


jeannine“Thank you, I received so much from your talk.  I wrote down so much of what I had been meaning to do for so many months and didn’t know how to start.”

Jeannine Stephens, Feng Shui Power 


“Our laboratory had been placed on a shortened ISO17025 accreditation assessment cycle and we knew we needed to make a commitment to focus on our laboratory quality system. Mary performed a detailed gap analysis, worked with us to determine areas of priority and worked with our entire Team to implement practical improvement strategies to ensure our compliance to all accreditation requirements. Despite limited resources and a tight timeframe we were successful at our next assessment and the improved system was commended by the assessors. We were returned to the routine reassessment schedule”.

Laboratory Manager, Government Bioscience Laboratory


alex mitchell “Thanks so much Mary for your recent workshop.  Making systems management interesting, understandable and most of all doable for small business is no mean feat, and you rocked it.

Everyone kept saying the same thing to me afterwards, “I didn’t know it could be that easy to create systems”.

I went home and created a form for a complete client overview, somthing that’s been in the back of my mind for ages.  So simple, took me 10 minutes.  I’ve already used it and it’s already made my life easier already.  I don’t have to keep it in my head anymore.  What a breakthrough.

Anyone looking for a great speaker/trainer on systems, Mary’s your woman.”

 Alex Mitchell, Author Support Services / Sunshine Coast Women Entrepreneurs 


Krishna “I had really struggled to systemise but was very fortunate to experience Mary’s skills recently at an event and I am already applying her techniques to my business.  She breaks it down beautifully and makes it doable.  Thanks Mary!”
Krishna Everson, Krishna Everson Marketing


“As our managemenReliance Medicalt team are located both in Australia and Europe and travel extensively internationally we needed a quality database that would allow access from anywhere in the world and effectively manage our ISO9001 system requirements. Our quality system has been in use for several years and the database has played a large part its successful integration into our business and our successful certification”

Chief Financial Officer (Operations Manager), Reliance Medical