What are the benefits of Quality Management Systems Certification?

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Reduced Costs
Enjoy improved productivity (less down time) as documented processes help to minimise errors, regular audits provide suggestions for improving efficiency, and when errors do occur there are traceable records to quickly pinpoint causes and implement corrective actions.

Competitive Edge
Many government organisations list ISO9001 certification as either a mandatory or highly desirable criteria in their contracts and tender evaluation processes. ISO9001 certification also provides clients and suppliers with confidence regarding the manner in which your business operates and can be used as a marketing point of difference. As this standard is recognized internationally it may improve export opportunities.

Business continuity
Should key staff leave the organisation documented processes reduce potential impact to business. Documented processes also aid in the training of new staff members.  This also applies to you too.  When you want to have a holiday, well implemented management systems will keep the business operating smoothly in your absence.

Documented procedures minimise errors. Changes are planned, documented and implemented in a controlled manner.

More time to spend on the business
Documented procedures reduce training periods and lead to improved staff autonomy. This results in more time for key staff to focus on their business roles.

Better business awareness
The regular review of business systems and collected data or corrective actions ensures decisions are well informed and helps identify trends and areas for improvement sooner to implement improvements. A once reluctant manager recently commented to us “I’ve been converted. I feel like I know the business better than I ever did before.”

Employee Morale
Staff have more clarity around their roles and responsibilities within the organisation including good awareness of the management structure and accountability. QMS certification also supports the training and development of staff.