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Running a small business is tough. And often you’re so busy worrying about the day-to-day grind of winning work, managing finances and dealing with staff that it’s impossible to take a step back and look at your business processes or deal with complex certification requirements. LogiQA’s team of small business quality consultants can help you find the perspective you need to review your systems and make lasting, effective change.

How we can help

Here are just some of the ways LogiQA can work with your business:

  • Certification: We can help with ISO9001 certification so that your business can apply for lucrative tenders and contracts.
  • Business improvement: We can create tailored business systems and processes to improve efficiency and reduce waste.
  • Program: We can develop tools and programs for your individual business needs.


mark wiemers“As our management team are located both in Australia and Europe and travel extensively internationally we needed a quality database that would allow access from anywhere in the world and effectively manage our ISO9001 system requirements. Our quality system has been in use for several years and the database has played a large part in its successful integration into our business and our successful certification.” Mark Wiemers, Chief Financial Officer (Operations Manager), Reliance Medical (Microbusiness)


Who we help

Over the years we’ve worked with a range of small businesses in the health, science, project management, property management and sales and marketing industries. We also have expertise in a variety of other industries. Here’s a taste of some of our recent projects:

  • Property Maintenance Service: Creation of a system to improve scheduling and crew management.
  • Tree lopping and maintenance business: Management of the ISO9001 certification process, enabling the business to apply for lucrative government tenders.
  • Metropolitan city council: Creation of a risk management database to meet new safety standards requirements and allow the organisation to work confidently within Standard Operating Environment (SOE) conditions.
  • Medical Device Software Company:  Gap Analysis of the ISO13485 quality management system to determine compliance prior to the regulatory audit.

So no matter what industry you work within, LogiQA can work with you to improve organisational process, achieve certification and manage complex internal management issues. Tell us your problem and we’ll find a workable, practical solution.

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Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn how LogiQA could help take the pain out of your ISO9001 certification or improve business systems, call us in Brisbane, Australia on (07) 3172 7744 or contact us.