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Be innovative with your systems and technology integration

As a leader in your field, don’t settle for the usual manual transfers, clunky interfaces and inflexible reporting options. We’ll help spare you the frustration of integration challenges with your own, new technology.
When you are next introducing new technology into your facility make sure consider how it will integrate into your existing systems, an amazing analyser that can push through 96 samples at a time may be a great step forward for your facility but if it means transferring the results manually into your existing systems all of the time saving and accuracy benefits of your automation can be undone. Realise the full potential of your automation and ask us about our novel technology integration solutions.

Benefits of novel technology integration

LogiQA’s software developers will help you to:
• Integrate your novel technology with other laboratory systems to help facilitate efficient and accurate data transfers.
• Improve and stabilise the user interface to make it robust enough for all users – within and across laboratories.
• Take basic data outputs and create user-friendly, customised, instant reports that can be forwarded to clients.

Talk to us to find out how you can have it all – industry-leading technology, efficient and accurate results, and seamless technology integration.