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Automate data transfers for optimisation

As technology evolves it is quite common that data is stored and accessed via several legacy systems as well as the in-use system. Comparing and collating data from multiple databases or systems can be very time-consuming. Equally, in a testing facility comparing data back to previously tested samples, or related samples manually, is also difficult to perform reliably. What if data or test results are missed?

LogiQA’s developers can tailor software to pull together data from your different systems (electronic), compare them side by side, present the information in tables, in a report or integrate them with yet another system. The possibilities are almost endless. Tell us what you need and we’ll have your systems working together and generating data into formats that work for your business.

Benefits of automated data collation and report generation

Our custom software developers can work with you to develop automated data collation and report generation systems that will ensure:
• All applicable data is available every time
• Standardised, automated processes significantly reduce the potential for error
• Seamless integration with your existing systems
• Professional (eg Scientific / medical) staff aren’t wasting time performing searches
• Reporting turnaround times are improved
• Simplified processes to reduce the training burden
• Continuity of access to data even in older systems
• Data management including forensic specific data management (contamination checks & DVI results management) becomes a simple automated process.

Request a meeting today to discuss your data collation and report generation requirements.