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Get more efficient

Are your data transfer and data management processes holding you back? Are your staff wasting time manually transcribing, or cutting and pasting data from one system to another? Do you have to save to a USB stick to transfer your files from your instruments to your other systems? Are your data file formats incompatible with other systems? Do you need to apply correction factors or perform calculations prior to transfer?

Don’t let your instruments and information systems compromise your efficiency aims. Instead, improve  accuracy and efficiency through automated data transfers and file transfers.

Benefits of automated file and data transfers

We can work with you to develop automated processes that will:

  • Save time by freeing up staff to work on more important tasks
  • Save money by reducing time spent by staff on data transfers; decreasing errors; and minimising the number of corrective action investigations required
  • Improve confidence in results by reducing errors associated with manual transfers
  • Allow you to say goodbye to “work arounds” and  determine the process you actually want.

Implementation of automated transfers include verification of the program (including documentation to provide to auditors) to ensure it meets quality systems certification and/or  accreditation requirements.

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