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Business Growth

Is your business growing? Do you need to outsource or hire staff?  Have you had complaints because your staff aren’t doing things the way you usually do?  Looking to franchise?

Incorporating other businesses or individuals into your business is a great way to increase your output and free up your time however ensuring they understand the way things are done in your business can add a significant training burden.  When you are already busy it can seem overwhelming.

Having a pre-determined and standardised approach to training can save you valuable training time.  We can help you to develop training plans and induction checklists to suit your training requirements.

But what resources will you use for training?  We are individuals, it is natural that everyone will complete a task in their own way however it is important for your business that each customer has access to the same service experience.  We can help you bring more consistency to your processes.

Our consultants can work with you to identify key areas of your business that could most benefit from effective business documents.  We can develop procedures, policies,  forms, checklists and other documents that are tailored to your individual business requirements.

Make the most of customer complaints and feedback.  Do you have a strategy for communicating with clients who have expressed dissatisfaction with their service experience or your product?  Our consultants have both customer experience management expertise and practical solutions to help you turn these customers into happy clients once more.

Business Planning

Not a fan of business plans?  When you think about business plans do you imagine a 20 plus page document sitting on a shelf in your office gathering dust?  We’re not a fan of those either.

We can help you to develop a business plan that considers your circumstances and most of all be useful.  We’ll help you assess your new plan and come up with some actionable goals that you can get you moving in the right direction.

Continual Improvement

Both certification and accreditation standards talk about continual business improvement, but what does that mean in real terms?  How can you apply it in your own business?

Ensure that improvement activities aren’t driven by the evidence of errors or problems. Ideally, they should be proactive or preventive.

This can be as simple as running a staff survey to tap into  the ideas already within your organisation or reviewing client feedback.  Or, it could comprise a full review and mapping of your operational processes.

In these financial times, it can sometimes be difficult to justify spending time and money on these activities. However, this is the ideal opportunity to cast an objective eye over your business, and look for ways to save money and achieve productivity and efficiency gains.

LogiQA can assist with:

  • Developing client and staff surveys and using other data collection tools
  • Liaising with clients and staff on your behalf to collect and collate feedback
  • Risk scoring of identified issues
  • Recommending comprehensive but common sense approaches to inform and guide improvement activities
  • Reviewing key operational activities to identify inefficiencies
  • Facilitating improvement planning to address inefficiencies
  • Developing  key performance indicators to monitor the suitability and success of implemented actions.

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