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Continuing the momentum

Congratulations! You have been granted accreditation or certification. All of your hard work has paid off. Preparing for your first assessment can be quite time consuming and unfortunately the work doesn’t stop after you receive your certificate.

Your system will grow and develop with your business over time. You may find that you need extra resources, some management systems support to help keep on top of your audit schedule. You may wish to refine your system when difficulties or different needs arise. Maybe you’ve held your certification or accreditation for some time and your once well-oiled system has grown… and grown…  and is weighing your business down. Whatever the case, we can help.

LogiQA can:

  • Review your system and processes to identify duplications or misalignment
  • Refine and realign your system  to meet the needs of your business and end users
  • Help you meet accreditation and certification requirements such as audits, drafting or updating documents, management review preparation etc
  • Offer regular systems support service or a single visit.

Whether you choose to partner with LogiQA on an ongoing basis or you’d prefer one-off assistance to perform an audit, you will receive the same level of expertise, attention to detail and practical solutions.