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ISO9001 Certification & Tailored Database – Australian Tree Services

Linda and Greg from Australian Tree Services had a history of successful tender submissions for local and state government tenders but had received a letter from one of their largest clients stating that upcoming tenders would now require that they had ISO9001 certification.

While they had previously worked with a consultant to set up a system it had been too difficult for them to manage and it had lapsed. Linda contacted LogiQA to ask about assistance preparing for ISO9001 certification. She was after a stress-free and usable system that would work both in the office and out on site.

After completing a gap analysis we worked with Linda in her role as the Administration Manager and key technical staff including the Site Supervisor and Site Foreman/Mechanic to map the processes in place. All team members were involved in training across the entire management system and were invited to contribute their suggestions.

Within six months Australian Tree Services had successfully been awarded ISO9001 certification with no non-conformances recorded during the audit.

They continue to be successful with their tendering activities and appreciate the increased awareness that their new management gives them.


ISO9001 Certification & Tailored Database – Reliance Medical

Reliance Medical
Reliance Medical, an Australian wound-care company approached us to assist their business to adopt the ISO9001 Quality Management System standard. They required assistance to prepare for their initial ISO9001 certification audit and assistance with ongoing maintenance of their quality systems.

We met with the directors and management team, discussed their business requirements and mapped their business processes. Working closely with area specialists we designed a system that worked with and enhanced their existing business process.

With key team members located in both Europe and Australia and travelling extensively internationally we needed to ensure the quality management system was easily accessible.
We created a Quality database to manage the controlled documents, promotional literature, client complaints, internal audits and corrective and preventive action.
We have worked closely with Reliance Medical since 2009. In that time all ISO9001 certification, surveillance and re-certification audit preparations and maintenance have been co-ordinated by LogiQA. All audits have been successful with no non-conformances recorded to date.


Tailored Database – Major Metropolitan City Council

testing accreditation

With the recent change to the Workplace Health and Safety legislation regarding risk, a large metropolitan city council required a database to manage their risk management records and to generate reports. The previous system that the council had used was no longer meeting their requirements and the scale of their operations meant that a manual system was not feasible.

This council had significant Standard Operating Environment (SOE) restrictions and required the system to be developed in Excel with restrictions on the data storage formats. (This database could easily be written in other formats).

Functional specifications for the database were developed and approved together with the council to ensure that both parties were aware of the system requirements and capabilities.

This council has over 1000 employees so the database needed to be accessible by multiple users from different areas within the organisation at the same time and needed to produce reports that could assist in their risk management.

We developed a database in Excel that allowed the creation, editing and searching of risk records. A full audit trail of all activity is also maintained within the database. Multi-level access is restricted via username and password settings.
The database could also produce reports for nominated risks and allowed for both tailored specific searches and ad-hoc searches. Results of these searches could also be exported to an Excel spreadsheet with hyperlinks back to open the relevant record.

This database has been in-use since January 2012. The system users are pleased with the functionality and ease of use of the system and management were pleased with the delivery of a fully functional system in such a short timeframe allowing the council to continue to meet their workplace health and safety requirements in an efficient manner.


Novel Technology Integration – Leading Pathology Laboratory

A leading pathology laboratory had recently implemented a novel testing procedure. They had plans to implement the new process in their other laboratories across the country however the software that they had developed in-house could perform basic functions only. It was in need of improvement to ensure that it was more user-friendly, stable, and that internal data validation and checks were performed reliably.

The macro code was written more efficiently, a more intuitive user-friendly interface was added and security options, internal checks and error handling were added to improve the function and stability of the macro.

The staff found the updated macro easier to use, with no intervention and recovery issues as they had experienced previously. This test and associated software is now suitable for nation-wide roll-out to similar departments within the pathology laboratory group.