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Tim creates quality management and risk management systems with the goal of improving business efficiency. He also designs and writes programs to improve data transfer, integrate novel technology into existing systems and automate complex calculations within laboratories.

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I enjoy combining my scientific knowledge and programming expertise to help laboratories and small businesses realise greater efficiencies and improve accuracy.”


Timothy Gardam, Managing Director
B. Biomed Sc (Hons), M. Sc (Forensic Science)

Career history

Although he started a medical degree, Tim worked to build a career in Forensics, completing a B. Biomedical Science (Hons) before starting as a Production Scientist at PANBIO (culturing viruses). He then moved into Research and Development and developed multiplex PCR tests for infectious diseases. PANBIO was also where he met his future wife, Mary.

In 2003 he started at QH Forensic and Scientific Services, working in the analytical (testing) section of Forensic Biology, getting profiles from biological samples.

Tim’s talent for programming led to him being given the task of developing data transfer and information management systems for the laboratory that would minimise errors and improve efficiency. Tim played a major role in the development and implementation of the Kinship statistical software, the main statistical software used by the laboratory until 2013.

Tim was selected to undergo training in the newly developed Coronial and Disaster Victim Identification Team. He completed a Masters in Forensic Science in 2006.

Tim’s Forensics role now involves:

  • Using DNA to identify remains that cannot be identified by dental records, fingerprints or other circumstantial evidence for the Coroner
  • Disaster Victim Identification (DVI) from instances of bombing, death due to natural disaster and plane crashes, etc.

Mentored by the co-ordinator of the International Boxing Day Tsunami DVI Team, Tim has co-ordinated a number of high-profile DVIs in Queensland. He has also worked in the Major Crimes area and operates with the database team that manages profiles to be loaded onto the National Criminal Investigation DNA Database (NCIDD).

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More about Tim

Tim is the current expert at Department of Health, Forensic and Scientific Services for Coronial & DVI, DNA identification and statistical interpretation. He is also a sessional lecturer for the Forensics Program at Griffith University.

In his spare time, Tim happily admits to being a strategy board game nerd! He loves spending time with his wife Mary and his family, and exploring the world of Minecraft.

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