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Mary focuses primarily on systems and compliance, helping small businesses understand, create and manage systems to improve efficiency, consistency and productivity. As well, she helps medical and scientific facilities meet their accreditation obligations.

Mary Gardam LogiQA

“I love making systems easier. Easier to understand, easier to implement and easier to manage. Our customised processes and systems genuinely help businesses save time and money.”


Mary Gardam, Principal Quality Advisor
B. App Sc (Medical Science), Dip. Quality Auditing

Career history

Since the age of 12, Mary knew she wanted to work in Forensics and after a week of work experience in the state forensic laboratory she was hooked. With no Forensics degree available she completed a B. Applied Science (Medical Science) then began work in Microbial Serology at QML (testing for glandular fever, dengue fever and rubella, amongst other things) to gain laboratory experience.

After taking a role as Production Scientist at PANBIO, Mary made ELISA tests for infectious diseases and then moved into Customer Technical Support where she provided support for pathology and infectious disease reference laboratories across Australia and overseas. After 18 months at PANBIO, Mary became the Quality Assurance Supervisor.

PANBIO was also where Mary met her future husband, Tim. After a brief stint as a Quality Associate for Agen, Mary moved to QH Forensic and Scientific Services, working with the Volume Crime/Database Team.

After examining many pink Powerade bottles, cigarette butts and thongs (flip flops), Mary was made Quality and Operations Supervisor of Forensic Biology. Her role involved:

  • Managing all compliance activities
  • Co-ordinating and providing specialist training in DNA interpretation
  • Co-ordinating the laboratory operational team
  • Managing laboratory purchasing

Mary then moved into Radiology Support, Queensland Health, working on rewarding projects that helped rural and remote medical imaging practices to meet their accreditation requirements and improve their services. After starting a family, Mary continued to work on projects that helped maintain medical imaging services for people living in rural and remote communities and that provided much-needed support to the local x-ray operators. Read Mary’s full career biography on LinkedIn

More about Mary

Mary is now a regular contributor to Flying Solo and Dynamic Business, where she writes about all aspects of quality management system implementation and offers small business advice. She also continues to be involved in Forensics, lecturing at Griffith University. In her spare time, Mary loves to hang out with her two gorgeous children, catch up with friends, improve her baking and cake-decorating skills and tackle various craft projects. She also loves catching a movie or spending some quality time with Tim.

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