At LogiQA we focus on helping small businesses, medical facilities and scientific laboratories achieve their compliance and efficiency goals.

Our extensive and varied experience leaves us uniquely placed to help you manage compliance, improve process and reduce risk. We’ll work with you, as an extension of your team, drawing in additional expertise as required.

When we help our small business clients achieve certification requirements, they’re able to compete for lucrative tenders – and we love helping the little guys take on big business!

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Tim Gardam, Managing Director

Mary Gardam, Principal Quality Advisor


We work with industry experts

To ensure we can offer your business or facility a truly tailored service, we’ve created a network of reliable, talented professionals across various industries. We’re able to draw on their extensive experience on a project-by-project basis to guarantee great results.

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If you’d like to learn more about the LogiQA team and how we could work with your business or facility, please call us in Brisbane, Australia, on (07) 3172 7744, or contact us.